No lawyers. No court visits. No hassle.

The safety of your data is very important to us.

At Let’s Untie the Knot, the protection and reliability of customer data is our most important concern. The divorce process involves all of your most personal information, from social security numbers to financial details to the place where your children sleep.
To keep all of this data 100% safe, our servers are protected by high-end cloud-based firewall systems with advanced AI threat detection. The site is continually scanned for vulnerabilities 24/7 with regular test of complete penetration and full site backups performed nightly.

Let’s Untie the Knot uses Transport Layer Security (or HTTPS) for all transmitted data. Users must create an account before submitting any privileged information. This secures all data using both a password and HTTP referrer checking. To verify the integrity of this process, our servers are independently audited using the industry standard SSAE-16 protocol.

Documents generated by our website are never stored on our servers. Our PDFs can be accessed only by a single authorized user (the user who owns the data) during a secure browsing session and are immediately destroyed and purged from our servers as soon as a user closes their browser. The next time a user logs in and initiates a new secure browsing session, the documents are again regenerated for download.

We’ve found that the biggest security threat is actually not our website itself, but, rather, it’s what users do with their PDFs after downloading them from our site. For your safety, DO NOT save your PDFs to your desktop or send them to anyone via email. We cannot protect your computer or email account from being hacked.

For users who opt for our premium plan, we take care of literally everything. So you never even have to download and print a single document or worry about security of your personal information. Leave it all to us. We will securely print and file your PDF and then destroy all of your data as soon as we are done. For users who opt for our basic plan, we recommend deleting your account when you have completed the divorce process to clear all of your personal information from our servers once and for all.