Frequently Asked Questions

No lawyers. No court visits. No hassle.

How does the Court take payment for their fees? Credit card, check, or cash?

Typically if you file in person, the Court will want a check. However, since Oregon now has e-filing, you can pay by a credit card.

Which one of us would be the Petitioner and which would be the Respondent? And does it matter?

You can decide whether you want to be the petitioner and which one is the respondent. There is no advantage to being the petitioner over the respondent. The petitioner is the person who files the initial petition. Both of you will work together to decide how property is allocated and a parenting plan that works for you and your children.

Would we be considered separate clients or treated as a couple?

You will be considered both separate clients and as a couple. Both of you need accounts, so that one of you can be Petitioner and one can be Respondent. You will negotiate and decide all property allocation, custody, etc on your own.

Do we both need to register or would it just be me who does that?

Only one of you needs to register. However, you will have to provide information for everyone involved in the divorce.

Is there someone I can talk to if I have questions about a certain section?

For nearly every question in each section, we have provided detailed information. Should you need further clarification, and you are not a Premium member, you can consult with one of our experts for a small fee. If you run into technical problems, we have technical support to assist you as well.

Do my spouse and I each have to pay separate fees for Let’s Untie the Knot? Can we split the cost?

The package prices are the same whether you use Let’s Untie the Knot together or if you choose to have your own account.

What happens if my spouse and I agree on almost everything except one issue?

Mediation is generally required for every divorcing couple in Oregon. However, if you feel you need more help, we have a panel of professionals for you to choose from: mediators, accountants, family law experts, child custody experts, and family counselors. To consult with these professionals, you will pay a small fee that is a fraction of the cost of outside professionals.

What do I do if I decide to hire an attorney after signing up for the program?

You can export all of your information and print it up for your new attorney. We will save your progress and you can return to Let’s Untie the Knot at any time. Alternatively, you can consult with one of the Attorneys we have standing by for a fraction of the price of an outside professional. Let’s Untie the Knot does not offer refunds after you’ve purchased a package and begun your divorce.

Can I amend or change a form?

Yes. As you answer the questions in each section, we generate the forms you need. If you need to change or amend a form, simply go back to the question and change your answer.

Do you file my documents for me?

We file for our Pro and Premium members. We do not file for our Basic members.

How long is the process?

Our process is self-paced, meaning you control how long it takes for you and your spouse to complete the process. Generally speaking, in Oregon, an uncontested divorce takes about 6 months.

How much does it cost to join?

The cost to join Let’s Untie the Knot is free. You can generate your paperwork by answering questions. Other features and the ability to download those forms can be made available to you with package upgrades.

Property and Debt in a Divorce or Legal Separation:

Oregon is not a “community property” state, so your spouse is not automatically entitled to your property upon marriage. However, Oregon does have a default of equitable distribution. Therefore, if you want certain property, make sure to note that in your petition. Debt generally follows the spouse to which it belongs. If you have marital debt, you can choose to allocate it accordingly or split it amongst the two of you.