Let's Untie the Knot guides you through every aspect of your case.


Answer our step-by-step questions and download your forms as PDFs with all of the fields completed.


Create a free account on our secure server to keep your personal information encrypted and 100% safe.


We update our site whenever the Court releases new versions of forms or changes the rules for filing.


It costs over $17,000 for a lawyer to prepare these forms but with Let’s Untie the Knot it costs hardly anything.

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“Family law attorney Nicole Schaefer is on her way to building an online legal empire. And it’s all in the name of making legal services more accessible and affordable to a wider swath of the population.” @portlandbusinessjournal

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Using a step-by-step, automated approach, Let’s Untie the Knot guides users through every step of their divorce / separation proceedings for significantly less than they would spend on a lawyer, and offers them help and guidance along the way. The site’s secure server keeps all personal information encrypted and 100 percent safe.

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With our easy to use system, all you have to do is answer simple questions. We do the rest. We generate your forms for you! It’s DIY with DIFM: “Do it for me.” The perfect combination. So just leave it to us. We’ve got you covered.

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Welcome to the future of law. We are eliminating the whole “fee for time” model in the legal industry and replacing it with a “fee for service” model.

74% of all divorces currently are being handled by no lawyers or only one lawyer.

Traditional divorce / separation is expensive and complicated, but not with us.

You can file and manage your uncontested divorce anytime and anywhere with our unique platform and save yourself from doing a crazy amount of paperwork.

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Six steps through the uncontested divorce / separation process:

1. Sign up for free

Sign up and invite your spouse to join. Our process works better when both parties are involved.

2. The Initial Petition

Provide your info and generate the documents to be filed with the court to get this process started.

3. Serve your Spouse

We can handle it for you! Serve your spouse with the petition and other documents.

4. Financial Disclosures

Complete your individual financial information and use our forms to exhange info with your spouse.

5. Getting to the Deal

Negotiate and resolve issues of support, child custody, and reach an amicable agreement.

6. You’re finished!

Our platform will create a document that you can file with the court in your jurisdiction.

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Our Pricing

Lawyers charge you by the hour, so you never know what it’s going to cost upfront. We don’t believe in that. With us, you know the exact price from the start. Go Premium and you even get unlimited support from a personal divorce / separation consultant.


Most popular

No paperwork

$ 0

  • Try the website
  • Take the quiz
  • Paperwork summary
  • No credit card
  • No PDF downloads


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Download PDFs

$ 750 $250

  • Instant PDF downloads
  • You file yourself
  • All basic documents
  • Detailed DIY instructions
  • Email support

You’re saving countless hours filling out the paperwork yourself and the thousands of dollars you would be spending if you used a lawyer. Pretty smart, huh?


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We file for both of you

$ 2,500 $1,500

  • We file for your spouse
  • Service included
  • Both sets of paperwork
  • Access to experts
  • 90 min phone consult

$574 in filing fees, $100 for service, $375 of lawyer time, plus the thousands you both would be paying for lawyers.

The average cost of a single family law attorney is $17,250. Let’s Untie the Knot is a fraction of that price.

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Meet our founder: Nicole Schaefer

Nicole Schaefer is a Family Law attorney in Portland, Oregon. After handling many divorces & separations, she finally couldn’t take it anymore. “There has to be an easier way,” she screamed. And it turns out she was right: there is a better way. Nicole wants to help as many people as possible to get completely divorced easily, with help and guidance, but without needing a lawyer. Thus, was born.