10 Dating Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of Yet

Let's Untie the Knot | Dating Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of Yet

Everyone is familiar with the typical date scenario:  dinner and a movie; a drink and dancing; coffee and a walk.  But what are some unusual date ideas you can use to “break the mold” and prevent date boredom?  The following are a list of tips to make your dates more interesting:

  1. Mini-road trip:  Get out of the fast-paced routine and traffic of the city and drive to a spot unknown.  It may be a quaint town, a nature reserve, a park or an antique market.  Your destination doesn’t need to be close either—the journey there is part of the date.

  2. Drive-in movie:  if you are looking for something more vintage, enjoy this romantic date and time in the car.  Open the trunk and turn it into a VIP room with blankets, cushions, and treats.

  3. Table games night or ping pong:  Find an arcade that has table games or ping pong and let the good times roll.  Not only will this date loosen you up but it should open up the avenues for lots of conversation.

  4. Theater evening:  the theater is a great alternative to the standard dinner and a movie date night.  Allow yourself to be captivated by the setting and characterization of the work.  No matter if you like comedy, drama or musicals, there are options for everyone.

  5. Dance class:  Throw caution to the wind and join a dance class together.  There are all styles of dance to choose from and there is no better way to get to know one another than with a good salsa or two-step class.

  6. Take a cooking class together:  In today’s age, cooking classes have become increasingly popular.  Not only does this require you to work together but you get to enjoy a great finished project at the end of class.

  7. Hot air balloon ride:  Although this may sound cliché, a hot air balloon ride is perfect for romantic couples who are willing to take a little risk.

  8. Ice Skating:  Although this date may be challenging for those people who have not been on skates for years, it usually makes for a great way to bond (over falling) and is great to learn, or brush up on, a new skill together.  Don’t forget to grab hot chocolate on the way out.

  9. Glamping:  For those people not ready to commit to the full camping experience, “glamping” (i.e., glamorous camping) is the perfect compromise.  You simply show up to your tent site, which is stocked full of luxuries, delicious food, etc.  This makes for a very romantic experience. 

  10. Day in bed:  There is no better way for a busy couple to luxuriate than with a day at home.  Prepare your room for the day so that you don’t have to leave the room to do anything (other than use the bathroom).  You have a perfect day ready–with food and treats nearby, the remote control on your nightstand and your lover on your arm.
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