10 Best Places to Blow Off Steam in Portland, Oregon

Let's Untie the Knot | Best Places to Blow Off Steam in Portland, Oregon

Sometimes when you are preparing to get divorce, are in the midst of a divorce or following a divorce; you just need to blow off some steam.  You don’t need a shoulder to cry on.  You don’t want a therapist to help you process your grief.  You just want to go out and have some FUN!  These 10 spots are some top places in Portland to just let loose:


  1.  Alibi Tiki Lounge:  This bar has atmosphere to spare.  You fill find decades of kitschy faux-Polynesian history tucked in every nook and cranny, not to mention a building that dates back to the horse and buggy era.  Red vinyl booths, scattered among glowing hula girls, dangling lanterns and fake palm trees make for a fun vibe for the nightly karaoke entertainment.  This is a Portlander’s dream of a Spring Break dive bar.


  1.  Higgins:  Located at the back of Higgins is the bar that is a must-have for every city.  The bar tenders make sure your glass doesn’t stay empty for too long.  The tv is tuned down to a low level and the bistro menu contains a monumental charcuterie plate and trailblazing bistro burger.  Most notable, perhaps, is the stellar beer list, which includes intriguing taps and a deep roster of Belgian brews.


  1.  Old Town Chinatown:  Portland’s densest concentration of night clubs is found in the Old Town Chiinatown nightlife district.  Bars like the Dirty Nightclub, the Southern-Themed Dixie Tavern and outdoor-party-cum Barrel Room are at the epicenter of this area.


  1. Darcelle XV: For over 50 years, this unique showplace has been entertaining and providing a unique entertainment venue for people in Portland.  Enjoy an enthralling Las Vegas-style show of glamour and comedy when you visit this locale.  Darcelle KV provides you with the opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind display of glitz, pageantry and luxurious cross dressing by a talented bunch of guys-cum-ladies.  And don’t miss out on the exclusive male strippers show at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.


  1. The Jack London Revue:  The Jack London Revue is a haven for pure jazz.  This club combines the classic feel of its historic building with a modern mix of new sounds and vibes.  Jack London offers its patrons a wide range of worldwide jazz music coupled with the traditional American jazz groove. 


  1. Detox Nightclub:  Detox is an all-ages nightclub in the heart of the city.  This club offers outstanding local DJ performances as well as stimulating lighting.  It is truly fun for all patrons over 18, offering a complete mocktail bar, luxurious VIP areas and 21+ bars.  Detox nightclub provides visitors with a safe and inviting way to enjoy a great night out. 


  1. Goodfoot Pub & Lounge:  Since its establishment in 2001, Goodfoot has been a great place to enjoy the very best of food, music, drinks and the art that Portland has to offer.  Goodfoot offers a truly local experience in the city, drinking home-brewed beers, playing pool or pinball games, dancing to music or enjoying the music dished out at this fantastic lounge.  The food here is excellent and Goodfoot is perfect for anyone looking to get a taste of the city’s nightlife.


  1.  CC Slaughters Nightclub and Lounge: CC Slaughters may be one of the most exciting and fun nightclubs to visit in Portland.  It hosts a large, spacious dance floor, live DJ performances every night, weekly drag shows, daily happy hour drinking, drag queen bartenders, and one of Portland’s most popular hosts—Queen Bolivia Carmichaels.  This club opens every day at 3 pm and is bustling every night with fun seekers, party lovers and people just looking to drink and dance.


  1. Swiss Hibiscus:  This restaurant has distinguished itself as one of the most fun eateries to visit in the city.  The restaurant serves authentic Swiss/European food and takes great pride in its food, service and the community it is building around its restaurant.  It has been called “a standout spot serving specialties straight out of Switzerland.”  Amidst the aloha vibe and island de’cor, you will find classic Swiss dishes like fondue, schnitzel and goulash.


  1. Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade:  Sometimes you just want to go out and PLAY.  If that is what you are craving, Grand Kontrol is the perfect destination.  It has been described as “quirky, old school, relaxed and thumping at the same time.”  There are a ton of games to play and a few different rooms to wander in.  In addition, the drinks are “quite tasty” and inexpensive, making for a good night out.  
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